MFA Medic First Aid® workshop

MFA Medic First Aid® workshop

MFA Medic First Aid® workshop

Medic · First Aid Workshop

・MFA Basic Plus Course
・Child care plus course

We can organize course schedule and course combinations according to the circumstances and hope of students so please do not hesitate to consult us. Course fee MFA Basic Plus 15,000 yen


What is MFA
MFA stands for Medic First Aid. MFA is a training program for emergency relief allowance at the general citizen level born more than 25 years ago in developed countries of emergency medicine, the United States, its software (know-how) and hard (transmission medium such as teaching materials) every few years It continues to update with the latest medical and pedagogical information. Adopting a structured approach that incorporates a unique adult educational method of “seeing, listening, executing, speaking, feeling” in the sandwich method of video teaching materials and skill practice, traditionally spending a huge amount of time separately We incorporated both the instructed emergency law and the resuscitation method into one course so we could effectively train in a short time.
The contents to teach is not merely to practice the technique of allowance. It covers safety and psychological aspects of rescuers as well as victims, from safety confirmation before relief and infection prevention to care after mental care. In addition, we provide a less stressful learning environment that excludes written exams, and train “aggressive rescuers” with positive teaching methods. In addition, videos that provide as realistic scenes as possible are thought to allow students to prepare their minds for actual injury at the emergency workplace and blood, and to demonstrate the competence of the students even at actual relief sites It is.


■ Please do not hesitate to contact us for the schedule of the seminar. Safety workshops Reservations and inquiries from the reservation form below or telephone






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