Enjoy rafting on the water and let’s have fun!

Why do not you enjoy natural attractions such as water rafting?

Enjoy rafting on the water and let’s have fun!

Who wants to try rafting, why not join the rafting tour of Nature Navigator? Children from elementary school can join and it is recommended for making unforgettable memories.

Rafting is a natural attraction

There is no day that the flow of water is the same in the natural river, you can enjoy a completely different pleasure every time. The boat changes its movement according to points and has no rule. If you want to taste the extraordinary thrill, please try it once for a rafting experience.

Rafting is a natural attraction, such as falling at a tremendous speed if you think you got on a gentle flow. Predicting the preceding movements successfully manipulating the boat, the sense of accomplishment when you reach the goal is exceptional. A sense of accomplishment and thrill become addictive, and many people repeat.

Let's enjoy together by everyone

Rafting is a sport performed by getting on board by a few people on one boat. Therefore, you may be friends with your family or friends, or you may be with your first meeting.

Although it may be nervous at the beginning, during rafting all rows are active, while rowing with a voice, turning over, stepping on, jumping from the rocky place, and so on. While we challenge ourselves with the power of nature and challenging ourselves, we will naturally break through each other, and our fellowship awareness will increase regardless of age, sex, native place, etc.

Do not miss the wilderness in front of you

Rafting tours have a strong impression of intense outdoor sports, but the sense of unity with nature when on a gentle flow is very pleasant and can relax both mind and body.

Please feel nature full of five senses, such as a deep blue sky and shining sun, green deep trees and birds singing, cool water flow sounds. Also, although it is apt to occasionally close eyes at torrent points, it is a valuable scene that you can not usually see easily, so let’s do your best and try to burn your eyes.







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