Water based facilities introduction

Water based facilities introduction

Water based facilities introduction

We will show water rafting, water canyoning, meeting place of water lake canoe and the state of Nature navigator water base. We are proud of wide and beautiful facilities.

Nature navigator sign

Cross the Suwa Gorge Ohashi at the bungee jumping venue from the water exchanges and turn left at the sign on the main street and you will see the Nature Navigator Water Base.

From the direction of Mizuki station it is a signboard with two blue signs.

Reception, waiting space · Office

Main building and parking lot.

A wide parking space! Large buses are also easy. Of course it is free.

There is a shuttle from Minakami Station and Kamiko Kogen station so it is okay to come by train.

If you have a tour waiting time, you can play a lot on the premises.

A popular woody swing relaxes with thanks.

I also play mini buses. Fight against free throws!?

A large photo panel welcomes you at the entrance of the main facility.

Here is a description of the large and beautiful lobby reception and change of clothes. You can do it slowly even after the tour.

After the tour, free drinks How about coffee and tea made with delicious water in Minakami-machi? There is also juice and espresso coffee available for a fee.

Indoor toilet separately for men and women. We are also happy to offer various amenities.

Rental corner · changing room

Tour Equipment Rental Corner Twinks? When you receive a wet suit from the guide, let’s head to the change room. All equipment is cleaned and sterilized.

Equipment for rental original Cool wetsuit. Life jacket with outstanding buoyancy. Wet socks are also available.

Change room. Female and Female Dressing Room Fully Large coin lockers are also available.

Hot water shower It is planned to be full of openness now, but we plan to turn into a single room. Water in the river is beautiful but it can be refreshed with hot water.






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