Security policy

Security policy

Security policy

Prior to the tour, we are carrying out safety talk (explanation of safety aspects) and paddle talk (explanation of rowing and instruction) so that participants can understand without fail.

In N ⇔ N, we oblige to obtain special rescue qualifications (rescue 3) in the river and qualifications of emergency law (ordinary life saving course, medic first aid (MFA) etc.). Qualification is not the purpose of obtaining a certificate, nor is it a goal. N ⇔ N thinks that there is a start from there. We regularly conduct training so that we can demonstrate our reliable technology at any time.

Medic First Aid
A training program for emergency relief allowances at the general citizen level born more than 25 years ago in the United States. Every few years it continues to update with the latest medical and pedagogical information.

Rescue 3 Swift Water Rescue Technician
It is a professional rescue qualification in a river with headquarters in the United States. In case of water accident in sales water area, for example, it may be a life-saving activity etc.

New Zealand Rafting Association River Rescue
In NZ, the River Guide (Rafting Guide) is a national qualification. It is the qualification of that rafting association’s advanced rescue.

At Nature · Navigator, we prepare for the accident of emergency, and have the following insurance.

Injury insurance basic: hospitalization; 2,500 yen hospitalization; 5,000 yen death / second-served illness; 5 million yen
Injury insurance special: Visit; 5,000 yen inpatient; 10,000 yen death / second-served disorder; 10 million yen
Facility liability insurance: 1 accident 800 million Objective 1 accident 10 million yen

It is also possible to upgrade the compensation contents of insurance (the above special). In that case, ¥ 300 will be charged separately as premium of difference.
N ⇔ N has been accidentless this season since its establishment and contract insurance companies also issue “no accident certificate”.

N ⇔ N belongs to the Association of Rafting Associations (RAJ) and Water Rafting Association (MRA), but has strict operation regulations and safety standards over the standard.