Introduction of equipment and tools used in rafting

Introduction of equipment and tools used in rafting

Introduction of equipment and tools used in rafting

There are individual differences in the size and shape of the head from children to adults. We use something with a size adjustment function that fits to any customer.

Life jacket
It is not only a float but also literally equipment, so N ⇔ N uses highly safe items according to international standards.

Non-slip deck sole boots with warmth retaining neoprene material.

Wet jacket
Excellent heat retention is demonstrated when the water temperature of spring and autumn is low. I could not be satisfied with ready-made products and made original products.


Spray jacket
It prevents water splashes in waves and torrents, enhances heat retention, and it also prevents sunburn. We are using outdoor developed country NZ products.

Wetsuit for children
Children’s wet suit is available from 100 cm.
Child life jacket
It is an exclusive life jacket made by NRS for children, and you can use precisely sized things for various small and large children.

A boat made in Australia. It is used in every river in the world.
A boat made in New Zealand. A boat with light weight, fast boat footing and good operability. Trust from the rafting guide is also a thick boat.

Falt kayak
It is lightweight and very stable. Because it is possible to single boat, two boat by seat arrangement, so you can enjoy a wide range from family to couple.

It is made by world famous Gull company. It is suitable for a Japanese river that is made of very hard oak and has many rocks. It is made of familiar wood for hands. We are using other lightweight NRS products
Lightweight double blade paddle that is easy to handle even for women for kayak. Two piece type which can correspond from beginner to advanced level.

First aid
It is prepared to cope with most cases considered during the tour.

Rescue gear
Apart from the individual equipment of the guide, it is necessarily equipped every tour.

Communication Equipment
Wireless and mobile phones are used in combination to obtain more reliable communication means.