Company Profile

Company Profile

Nature navigator Company profile

It is a professional team that carries out various outdoor tours with FUN & EXCITING spirit as a company that provides new experiences, discoveries and joy in nature to everyone. There has been a record of no accident (insurance correspondence accident zero accident) since establishment.

● Company name limited company Nature · Navigator
● Establishment December 10, 1996
● Capital 3 million yen
● Representative Director Koichi Uchimura (Mamura Koichi)
● Location Address 605-1 Yabara Minakami-cho, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture 379-1617
● Contact TEL & FAX: 0278-72-8118
● Main business outdoor tour and outdoor related business
● Member Organizations · Rafting Association of Japan · Outdoor Association of the General Association
Major business partner banks – SMBC Bureau Hakusan Branch – Gunma Bank Shipbuilding branch


● Water base (reservation reception headquarters)
〒 379-1612
Gunma prefecture Tone-gun Minakami-cho Minori Himawaki 260-1 NN Water base
TEL: 0278-72-5923 FAX: 0278-72-1023

● Tokyo Office
〒 113 – 0001
1-26-24, Hakusan, Bunkyo ku Tokyo
TEL & FAX: 03-3814-1827

● Tokamachi Sales Office
Mike Yamasaki Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture 1415
TEL: 0278-72-5923 FAX: 0278-72-1023

● Nagatoro meeting place
Chichibu Kawabata Onsen Bossa no yu
Telescope 309-1 Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture 368-0061
TEL: 0494 – 62 – 0620 (0278 – 72 – 5923)

● Kinugawa gathering place
Kinugawa Tourist Hotel
〒 321-2526 Tochigi Prefecture Nikko City Kinugawa Onsen Falls 359-2
TEL: 0570-031-126

Representative bio

本名 : 竪村 浩一(リバーネーム : TACHI)
出生地 : 東京都渋谷
生年月日 : 1962年8月12日

Koichi Utamura (TACHI), a pioneer in domestic commercial rafting, is a leading expert who brought rafting tours to Japan. Also, he is also the founder of the Association of Rafting Associations. Currently serving as Vice Chairman, he also holds training courses and other subjects to guide backwards.
After returning to the River Guide in New Zealand in 1989 and returning to 1991, I challenged many rivers both in and outside the country, and since 1994 I have been active in Minakami.
Starting in 2006, we hold a lecture on rapid rescue by taking advantage of experience so far and will also teach at the Metropolitan Police Department and fire prevention schools in each prefecture.
In addition, he has been a lecturer at the Tokyo Sports and Recreation Vocational College since 12 years and is also entering the educational field.

· Association of Rafting Association (RAJ) Vice President
· Senior River Guide · Examiner (RAJ)
· River guide · Examin (RAJ)
· Vice President of Minakami-cho Tourism Association
· Chairman of the Outdoor Federation of Incorporated Associations
· School corporation Jikei Gakuen Lecturer, Tokyo Sports and Recreation College
· Rescue 3 Japan SRT-1 Instructor
· Professional · River Guide (New Zealand)
· Medic First Aid Instructor (Emergency Relief)
· Swiftwater Rescue Technician LEVEL 1 Instructor (Rescue 3 Japan)
· Uitemate instructor (Association for Water Management Association)
· Training teacher (Japan Sports Association)

· Facility Manager (Japan Sports Association)
· Swimming instructor (Japan Swimming Federation)
· Social sports instructor (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
· Sports massage and taping trainer (SONY)
· Sports Nutrition Instructor (SONY)
· Recreational official leader (Japan Recreation Association)
· Lumbar Pain Improvement Gymnastics Instructor (YMCA)
· General Manager of General itinerary
· Tourism support advisor
· Regular car · Large car · Large motorcycle license

<Representative biography>
Admission to Tokyo YMCA Social Sports College. Performing numerous sports, nutrition and psychology,
In addition to training training theory, outdoor seminars, etc., he is involved in education for persons with disabilities. Also a number of
Acquire qualification for sports relations.
Graduated Tokyo YMCA Social Sports College.
Employment in sports core. I work as a swimming instructor and training instructor.
In 1988 Masters retained the record of the nationwide record of breaststroke 50 m short waterway.
Cross New Zealand. New Zealand’s South Island – experienced a rafting in Queenstown, and the initiator Ichinen obsessed with its charm hit the gates of the company, Monzenbarai. Stickiness to stickiness Attach promises to receive training, but TACHI hard days continue not to keep English. Supported by friendship of friends, acquired the “Professional River Guide” qualification. After that I work for two years based on Kawarau River and Shotover River.
Returned to Japan by encounter with Mr. Tatsuno of President, MONBELL (now the president).
Launch “MOC Shikoku” for the first commercial rafting tour in Japan.
Returning to Tokyo after the end of the season, acquiring qualification as a tour operator, working as a contract employee at JTB, visiting rivers around the world.
Together with a friend, “Establishing Zambijge Adventure Club (ZAC)
Begin a full-scale rafting tour on the water.
He participated in the rafting world tournament held in Taiwan as a representative of Japan,
Winning record and winning the event record.


<Company History>
The representative ‘s village dismantles the above ZAC, not only for rafting but also for establishing “Nature Navigator” (N ⇔ N) widely for the purpose of spreading outdoor sports. Originally established as a “business MOC water business” through business alliance with Mont Bell.

Started operating as an independent mother “Nature · Navigator” (N ⇔ N).
In addition to the water course, we also started “Rafting Akagi Course” at Akagi Gunma Midstream Flower Midstream.

the year of 2000
Newly started “Rafting Nagaoku course” at Arakawa of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.

On the water – the first “Touring Tour by Falt Kayak” started at Lake Okutane.

It is the only one in Japan! Began to tour “Hydro Bronco · Shuttle Bikes”.

“Canyoning tour” started.

“Rafting Kinugawa course” started at Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture, Shiroya-machi Shionogawa cho Kinugawa river.

Started the “Rafting Shinano River Course” at the Shinano river, Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture.

To the present






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