What is rafting? (Water rafting, Nagara rafting)

Let's know water rafting, Nagaku Rafting!

Let’s know water rafting, Nagaku Rafting!

Rafting is a sport that goes down rows of torrents by combining power with friends on a dedicated large rubber boat. This sport was named from the English translation “raft (raft)” of “raft (raft)”.


You can easily taste such thrill and excitement with a rafting tour that makes a white swirling stream (whitewater) by splashing a splashful splash and slipping through the rock with skillful boat control. You can fully enjoy the magnificent valley beauty created by the rock, green of trees, chirping of birds, surrounding nature. It is the charm of rafting that you can get exhilaration and healing at the same time.
Boat control by breathing in “guide” instructing boat control and all participants “crew”. Friends, couples, and families also challenge the torrents with teamwork!

Water rafting half-day course


The upper Tone River flowing through Minakami-cho, Gumma Prefecture, which can also be called Mecca of domestic rafting tours, is dotted with beautiful valleys such as Minakami Gorge and Suwa Gorges and can enjoy various courses depending on the season and water volume. At the time of spring snow melting and dam release, Kanto Ikki, exciting rafting in the world’s leading torrent course. In the summer and autumn normal water levels, you can enjoy FUN rafting with dive from rocks and river play with a beautiful clear stream. Even those who have experienced overseas are interesting in Tone River! Many people came.

The rafting tour in Minakami-cho is the start of Kaichi Utamura, our representative Nature Navigator, who started up ZAC (Zambezi Adventure Club) with my friends.

The water rafting tour of Nature Navigator arranges the best course on that day according to season, weather, water volume. Veteran guides are fun, intense and more safe than we do tours so we can participate in tours for those who are new and repeat. (No accident record updated for 20 years) Nature navigator in the meeting place The floating base is equipped with a large site of 30 free parking, clean facilities, shower facilities

Saitama Nagami Rafting

Upstream of Arakawa, also known as sightseeing line descent, Nagao of Saitama prefecture Chichibu. Going through a clear blue flow and white whirlwater course This course has a stable water level throughout the season and holds a tour in the long course during the summer season. You can enjoy a wide range of company employee trips, couples, families with primary school students.
Rowing, swimming, pleasant, exhilarating, rafting, watching the nation-designated natural treasure “rocky”! Of course, veteran guide will guide you so you can enjoy it safely and pleasantly.
After the tour you can change clothes and take a bath at the hot spring public bath of “Chichibu Kawabata Onsen Boshuto no Yu” at the meeting place. (It is only Nature Navigator to enter the hot spring immediately after the tour at the Nagao rafting tour company.)
It is also recommended for those who are day trip from the Tokyo direction because the surrounding sights are full.

Shinano river rafting

Enjoy rafting on the long course in Okawa Shinano river, Japan’s largest scenery!
Grand Opening from June 2015! !






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