Rafting on the water

You can enjoy rafting and canyoning on the water

Canyoning is to enjoy the whole valley in the valley. Gunma Prefecture Minakami-cho, Tanigawadake A gorge surrounding Mt. Tanikawa is scattered with large and small slabs polished by avalanche and numerous sliding waterfalls (licked tatami), creating a splendid valley beauty. Among them, the waterfall in Higashi Kurosawa ‘s Hanaghe (30 m in height) can not go to see only by walking is exceptional scenery. Just visiting the forest bath and falls refreshing with the negative ion effect of the waterfall.
Enjoy the tour with natural water sliders, sliders of up to 30 meters and large and small sliders scattered. Dive in the falls of 7 meters in height and climb the falls. You can enjoy Real Field Athletics.


Tour name Water Canyoning half-day course
Duration Early June to mid-October * Every day during the period (until the 2013 season until October 20 (Sun))
Start time Morning tour 9:00 PM afternoon tour 13:00
※ Please gather before 15 minutes before the start.
The meeting place Nature navigator Mizukami base → → Map here
Eligibility for entry Those in the fourth grade of elementary school and a healthy state with a boots size of 21 cm or more are better
Fee <Normal price>
¥ 8,000 (Guide fee, rental fee, insurance, tax included)
Belongings Swimwear
· For spectacular glasses (with rental)
· Contact person is swim goggle (with rental)
※ Shoes are free of charge as we rent free boots only for river walking.
※ Please confirm here about the equipment at the time of the tour
Time required About 3.5 hours (action time: about 2 hours)
Rafting pack Half day rafting and half day canyoning at a reasonable price can be enjoyed in one day or in two days by staying overnight.
Price: 14,000 yen (with lunch when participating in one day)
Please let us know when you apply for rafting pack.

※ Please confirm here about the equipment at the time of the tourBBQ packYou can have a barbecue after the tour.
Please tell us when you make a reservation with Baubeku Pack.

time schedule

1. Acceptance AM 8: 45 ~ PM 12: 45 ~


Collect on NN Minakami base
If you wish to pick up you will pick you up at the station / accommodation (reservation required)
Complete the reception and write out the disclaimer consent form!

2. Clothes change start AM 9: 00 ~ PM 13: 00 ~


When you hear the explanation of how to change clothes, change to a wet suit in a change room of different gender.

3. Move to start point AM 9: 30 ~ PM 13: 30 ~

After changing clothes and receiving all equipment, leave for the starting point at the vehicle of Nature Navigator!
Please listen to the explanation of this process in the car. It will rise with bursting talk.

4. Explanation on safety · Practice of rowing AM 9: 45 ~ PM 13: 45 ~

When you properly wear equipment at the start point and listen to the explanation about safety in detail, you will unravel your body with preparatory gymnastics.

5. Departure AM 10: 00 ~ PM 14: 00 ~


It is departure! Please take good care of your feet and walk.

6. Cross the waterfall and pass through the forest and the destination will soon


Beautiful flowers can be seen every season on the way. The photograph is Shimotsuke grass, others such as Nikko Kisge and Tamagawa Bear, Diamond Jissou etc

7. Arrive at your destination AM 10: 50 PM 14: 50


When you reach your destination, it is finally going down. Please listen to the explanation of how to slip.

8. Slide, fly, relax


9. Return to the start point, move to the base AM 11: 50 PM 15: 50

If you enjoy plenty of canyoning, return to the starting point! We will return to the meeting place by vehicle of Nature · Navigator.

10. Change clothes · Tour photograph viewing AM 12: 10 PM 16: 10


After changing clothes, watch a guide and photos while drinking free coffee and tea! Information on hot springs and recommended spots from the guide GET! !

11. Dissolution AM 12: 30 PM 16: 30

Free dissolution. Also safe driving on the way home! Those who came by train will send you to the desired location in Minakami-cho (station, accommodation facilities, hot springs, etc.)! (Reservation required)