Water, Okutane Lake Canoe

Water, Okutane Lake Canoe

Let’s experience the nature canoe in nature !! 360 degree big panorama! The moment of spending while feeling a sense of unity with nature is exactly the time of healing. Various flowers bloom in the fresh green in the spring, the trees grow lively in the summer, the trees grow lively in the summer, autumn is surrounded by autumn leaves, the sounds played by water, birds and nature wrap the body! Enjoy nature Then, Nature canoe (Lake canoe) is recommended!
We have a handy half-day experience course and an authentic full-day course. (Lunch for one day course, with hot spring tickets!)
Duration: late April to late November

Tour name Water lake canoeing 1 day course / half day course
Duration From mid-April to mid-November ※ It is open every day
Start time 1 day course, half day morning course 9:00
Half day afternoon course 13: 00
※ Please gather before 15 minutes before the start.
The meeting place NN Minakami base
Eligibility for entry Elementary school student or better, good health condition
fee □ 1 day course
Adult (junior high school student or above) \ 10,000 – Dwarf (elementary school student) \ 7,000 –
Parent-child set (1 adult / 1 dwarf) \ 15,000-
(Guide fee · basic equipment · lunch · hot spring bathing ticket service · insurance · tax included)
□ Half Day Course
Adult \ 7,000 – Dwarf (elementary school student) \ 5,000 –
Parent-child set (1 adult / 1 dwarf) \ 10,000-
Guide fee · basic equipment · insurance · tax included)
Belongings · T shirt that may be wet
· Shorts (Swimwear is also convenient in the summer)
· Sports sandals or shoes (rental shoes ¥ 300 are also available)
Time required 1 day course: about 6 hours half day course: about 3 hours
Venue Lake Okutane, Lake Dunumi, Lake Fujiwara, Akaya lake, Shikama lake and others
お申込み Application

※ 1 day course is lunch at many times in Yuzawa.

time schedule

9:00 ※ For one day course
NN set on Minakami base!
People on the train will pick you up at the station / accommodation! (Reservation required)
Departing after changing clothes! It is approximately 30 minutes by car to lake.
10:00 Let’s listen to the explanation on safety in detail.
Let’s practice rowing at the start point after the commemoration picture.
10:30 While spreading naturally, while rowing, taking a break
Let’s aim at the lunch point! There are some photos taken along the way.
12:00 Arrive at the lunch point !! Guide to the cook quickly !!
Enjoy lunch and drinks made by NN staff !!
13:00 When I have lunch, I will aim for my goal while staying close to the secret spot of the scenery.
14:45 Arrive at the goal !!, Move to Nature navigator water base on vehicle
For those who break up for a day, we will give you a hot spring ticket! GO to each hot spring!

Half Day Canoe Course Reservation

One day canoeing course reservation






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