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Accommodation pack

Tours of accommodation and Nature Navigator are set, a little profitable!

Application procedure

1. Please refer to the link below and select the accommodation you would like to stay.
2. Please select the front and the back night according to the tour participation day.
3. Call Nature Navigator and apply with ‘Accommodation Pack’ in conjunction with the reservation of the tour. In that case, please inform us of the desired accommodation name, the number of people by gender, the number of rooms, no need for dinner breakfast, the night before and after the night.
4. We will check the availability of the reservation at the hotel’s accommodation destination and will inform the customer together with the fee.
5. Confirm the contents, OK!
6. The rest is exciting until the day!

※ You can also apply from the homepage reservation form. Please specify your accommodation destination up to the 3rd request.
※ Payment is fine even on the day.
※ As the number of people increases or decreases, it is necessary to change both the tour and the hotel together, so please notify us as soon as possible.
* Please understand that cancellation due to customer’s convenience will receive cancellation charge of regulation.
※ The displayed room rate is the reference price. It may change depending on the schedule, number of people and without notice.

Gumma Tone Road Minakami-cho Area


Excellent access from Minakami Station. Reasonable accommodation along the Tone River. Can stay with pets. Recommended for groups.
Rafting half-day course accommodation pack fee: 12,000 yen ~

蛍雪の宿 尚文
Small lodging of eight rooms in the bedside of Tanigawa-dake, a part of the Tone River. Along with hearty mountain cuisine, guests can enjoy a variety of sake brews and outdoor hot springs boasted of prague.

天狗の宿 きむら苑
In-house source with bamboo shoots It is a hotel with a large outdoor bath. Nature navigator immediately after the water base

It is a heavy-duty wooden Japanese style hot-spring resort in Yuno Kobu Onsen, Yukikoku. It is in the sights of autumn leaves.

■ Bed and Breakfast / Pension

ペンション 朝ねぼう

From the open and wide open-air baths boasting of pride you can see the surrounding mountains and it is very popular. Meals are a lot of European dishes with plenty of volume, and there are also many repeaters for meals.
Outdoor Tour Half Day Course Pack Nightly Half Boarding Fee: Weekday 15,450 yen, Weekend 15,975 yen

ペンション シャローム

A woody pension in the Tanigawa area. The reputation of the meal is also very good. Refresh in a big bath with making Hinoki.

At home pension in Fujiwara area. Rice beef for dinner is popular.
Outdoor Tour Half Day Course Pack Night Half Boarding Fee: Weekday 13,500 yen, day before holiday 14,500 yen

ペンション 山路
Owned handmade log house, Pension Yamaji. Accompanied by the scent of big trees and trees. Meals are original Italian using local ingredients.

民宿 千秋庵

Very homely inn. Excellent view of Tanigawa-dake Exceptional specialties are deer-stabbed steaks, wild vegetables, etc. Clean rooms and private baths available for 4 people can be reserved.

ペンション セルバン
The pension owns the rights of two autogenous sources. Natural hot spring overflowing from the bath tub overflowing outdoor bath · hot water · shower overflowing. I can relax to my heart’s content with a real hot spring.

ナチュラルハウス ピュア21

Hospitality inn brings a calm atmosphere to Toll paint imported goods. You can enjoy South French style country food and more than 20 herbal teas.
Outdoor Tour Half Day Course Pack Night Half Boarding Fee: 13,800 yen on weekdays ~ 15,000 yen on holiday the day before holiday ~

Very fashionable pension overflowing warmth of trees in the Tanigawa area.

ペンション 木馬
There is a bathroom boasting of a wooden horse that defeats the image that the pension bath is small.

ペンション ブルーベリー
Log house pension with overlooking the Tanigawa mountain range, outdoor bath that can be rented out and a renewed inner bath (24 hour bathing allowed).

温泉ロッジ たかね
Accommodation with sourced grounds. Very relaxing with homely atmosphere and good food, quiet environment.

民宿 三枝
Owner is 45 years boardwago way. The taste of professional cooks deeply breathes the stress of popular urban areas with the great nature of Okutane.

Natural hot spring and relaxing dining. Pension surrounded by forest near Fujiwara ski area.

■ Hotel

Natural hot spring and relaxing dining. Pension surrounded by forest near Fujiwara ski area.

Saitama Chichibu Nagatoro-cho area

□If there are accommodation facilities that can be affiliated, mutual link welcome is welcome. Please contact me.






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