Rafting Nagara · Saitama Arakawa half-day course

Nagaku Rafting, half-day course of outstanding natural beauty

Rafting Nagara · Saitama Arakawa half-day course

Upstream of Arakawa, Nagatori Valley of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. The surrounding natural beauty is outstanding. This course which goes through a clear blue flow and white whirlwater course is also recommended for family training with employee training, group travel, couples and elementary school students. Since the amount of water is relatively stable, you can enjoy rafting tours on long courses even in the dry season of summer. So whenever you join, you can enjoy Fun & Exciting tours.

Nagatoro Futting half-day course

Tour name Nagaku Arakawa Rafting half-day course
Duration From mid April to late November * Every day during the period
Start time Morning tour 9:00 PM afternoon tour 13:00
※ Please gather before 15 minutes before the start.
The meeting place Chichibu Kawabata Onsen Bosuto no yu Free parking available yes → The map is 8 minutes by car from Chichibu Railway Minano Station. We will pick you up free when coming by train (reservation required)
Eligibility for entry Elementary school student or better, good health condition
Fee <Regular price> ¥ 7,000 (Guide fee, rental fee, hot spring, insurance, tax included)
A cheap promotion in progress !!
Belongings · Swimwear · Towel · Short Pants · Synthetic T-shirt
– Shoes that can be wet (with rental)
· For spectacular glasses (with rental)
· Contact person is swim goggle (with rental)
※ Please confirm here about the equipment at the time of the tour
Time required Approximately 3 hours (time to go down the river: about 1 hour)
Other Please inform us in advance if you are planning to come by bus. It is possible to park a large bus. You can have a barbecue at the neighboring facility after the tour with hope.
Kozuzen 0494-66-3511 Study shop 0494-66-0336
(Price varies depending on facility, contents 1,500 yen ~ Please contact directly above facilities)


1. Acceptance AM 8: 45 ~ PM 12: 45 ~

It gathers at Chichibu Kawabata Onsen Bosuto no yu
There is also a free parking lot. (Large bus can also be parked)
I will move to the gathering place in the adjacent campground on foot from Bosutanoyu parking lot. (The staff will show you)
Complete the reception and write out the disclaimer consent form!

2. Clothes change start AM 9: 00 ~ PM 13: 00 ~

Let’s change clothes, shorts, synthetic fibers T-shirts in the dress changing room when you hear the explanation of how to change clothes! We prepare wet suit in the spring and autumn.

3. Move to start point AM 9: 30 ~ PM 13: 30 ~

After changing clothes and receiving all equipment, leave for the starting point at Nature Navigator exclusive vehicle!
Please listen to the explanation of this process in the car. It will rise with bursting talk.

4. Explanation on safety · Practice of rowing AM 9: 45 ~ PM 13: 45 ~


When you properly wear the equipment at the start point and listen to the explanation about the safety side firmly, practice how to row by dividing into each boat.

5. Departure AM 10: 00 ~ PM 14: 00 ~


After taking a commemorative photo with everyone, departure! On the way, a cameraman will appear so check it out! Do not forget your smile and the camera eyes!

6. Rafting Tour, Goal Point Arrival, Move to Base AM 11: 20 PM 15: 20

Enjoy plentiful rafting and arrive at the goal place! Return to the meeting place on the private bus of Nature · Navigator.

7. Change clothes, tour photos AM 11: 30 PM 15: 30

Let’s see today’s tour photos when clothes change in the private changing room! Information on recommendation sights from the guide also GET! !

8. Dissolution AM 12: 30 PM 16: 30

Free dissolution. Go to hot spring facilities in the facility GO! Also safe driving on the way home!






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