Rafting Water · Gunma Tone River half-day course (BBQ, accommodation pack available)

Water rafting half-day course

Enjoy hot springs, BBQ, accommodation as well as great prices at popular water!

Nature navigator Let’s experience the gay guides of water rafting and the dominant rushing down in the country! !
Mokka of domestic rafting tours, the upper Tone River of Minakami-cho (former Minakami-machi, Tsukichino Town) in Gunma Prefecture is one of the most domestic rafting rafting courses in the world, one of the most powerful rafting courses in the world. Refresh your mind and body while enjoying the splendor of the beautiful valley of Konoei gorge, Minakami gorge and Suwa gorge on the way of course.
BBQ / Accommodation pack available, please feel free to inquire us about popular hot spring information and reasonable water information etc in the word-of-mouth.

Rafting water on half day course is the most popular classic course on tour of Nature Navigator! It is very popular if you can enjoy it no matter how many times you do it! After the rafting, there are plenty of pleasures such as surrounding sightseeing, Minakami Onsen and barbecue!

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Tour name Gunma hydro-Torno river rafting half-day course
Duration From mid-April to mid-November * Every day during the period
Start time Morning tour 9: 00, 11: 00 Afternoon tour 13: 00, 14: 45
※ Please gather before 15 minutes before the start. 11: 00, 14: 45 Tours are held only on specific days
The meeting place NN Minakami base→map
Eligibility for entry Those who are in good health and are in junior high school and above (Please consult with us in advance if you have anxiety!) ※ From July 1st to the end of the season, you can join with elementary school students and above. (On the day, we may refuse to raise the water level beyond the prescribed water level.)
Fee ¥8,000 (Guide fee, rental fee, insurance, tax included)
A cheap promotion in progress !!
持ち物 ・Swimwear
· Towel
– Shoes that can be wet (with rental)
· For spectacular glasses (with rental)
· Contact person is swim goggle (with rental)
※ Please confirm here about the equipment at the time of the tour
Time required Approximately 3 hours (time to go down the river: about 1 hour 15 minutes)
Combo pack Half day rafting and half day canyoning at a reasonable price can be enjoyed in one day or in two days by staying overnight.
Price: 14,000 yen (with lunch if participating in one day) Please let us know when you apply for canyoning pack.
It can also be packed with canoing tours, bungee jumping, paragliding and packing.
Combo plan details
BBQ pack You can do BBQ (barbecue) after the tour.
Please tell us when you make a reservation with BBQ (barbecue) pack


1.受け付け AM8:45~ PM12:45~



2.着替え 説明開始 AM9:00~ PM13:00~



3.スタートポイントへ移動 AM9:30~ PM13:30~


着替えが済んで装備をすべて受け取ったらネイチャーナビゲーター専用バスにて スタート地点へ向け出発!

4.安全に関する説明・漕ぎ方の練習 AM9:45~ PM13:45~



5.出発 AM10:00~ PM14:00~



6.ラフティングツアー、ゴールポイント到着、ガイドと共にベースへ移動 AM11:20 PM15:20



7.着替え・ツアー写真観賞 AM11:40 PM15:40


着替えが済んだら、無料サービスのコーヒーやお茶を飲みながら、ガイドと写真を見よう! ガイドから温泉や宿泊やBBQ、オススメスポットの情報もGET!!

8.解散 AM12:00 PM16:00