Rafting on water · Gunma Tone River 1 day course

One day rafting on water rafting, hot springs, BBQ, lodging are enjoyable at a popular water price at a reasonable price!

Rafting on water · Gunma Tone River 1 day course

Very happy! A long and exquisite spring rafting limited water rafting one day course of about 25 km! After the tour we have a nice hot spring bathing ticket! There is also BBQ information.
Tone River flowing through Minakami-cho, Gunma prefecture is Mecca of rafting tour. Especially the spring water spot due to the melting of spring is one of the most popular in Japan, one of the best in the world.
Start the Tone River from the former Mizukami Town in the upper stream and reach the vicinity of the boundary between Numata City and Showa Village on the downstream side, depending on the conditions such as the amount of water, take a day with a guide with a guide with a guide.
Special lunch is available. On a sunny and pleasant day, we had a picnic lunch at a park along the river.
Spring limited (April to June) tour where you can spend a pleasant day in a blink of an eye without feeling “getting tired” or “getting cold”. A hot spring bathing ticket gift! !

Duration: Mid April to late June
There is also a recommended BBQ (barbecue) pack.
We also offer you great accommodation packs.

Tour name Gunma Waterborne Tone River Rafting 1 day course
Duration From mid-April to late 6th ※ Every day during the period
Tour start time 9:00 am ※ Please gather before 15 minutes before the start.
The meeting place NNみなかみベース →MAP
Eligibility for entry Those 13 years old and over, good health condition
Fee <Normal price> ¥ 14,000 (guide fee, rental fee, lunch, hot spring, insurance, tax included)
Belongings · Swimwear · Towel · Shoes that can be wet (with rental) · For glasses with glasses (with rental) · Contacts for swim goggles (with rental)
Time required Approximately 6 hours (time to go down the river: about 3 hours)
BBQ Pack After the tour

time schedule

9:00 NN set on Minakami base! People on the train will pick you up at the station / accommodation! (Reservation required) Complete reception and fill out the disclaimer consent form! Start changing clothes! I change clothes in a wetsuit in a spacious changing room by gender.
9:30 Depart for the start point by Nature Navigator private bus! In the bus, the staff’s talk burst out laughing? What?
9:45 Learn exactly what the safety is about by wearing equipment properly at the start point.
10:00 Participants, everyone taking a commemorative photo, divide each boat and practice rowing firmly, departing! On the way, a cameraman will appear so check it out! Do not forget your smile and the camera eyes!
11:30 Lunch point arrived! Guides and friends with you, lunch time.
12:30 Now, water rafting, start the second half of the tour.
14:00 Enjoy plentiful water rafting and arrive at the goal place! Go to the meeting place with the guide on the private bus of Nature · Navigator.
15:30 When you return to the water base, watch a guide and photos while drinking free coffee or tea! Information on recommendation spots from the guide GET! ! After the dissolution is a hot spring in the Hakuba Haka. . . Also safe driving on the way home! People who come by train will send you to the place of your choice (station, accommodation, hot spring etc.)! (Reservation required)

Half day rafting course only will be held from July。

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